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Welcome to Seagull Marine Engineers (Pvt) Ltd.

Seagull has experience of providing local logistic support to foreign ship owner. Such services include providing office support, administrative personnel, and supply of provision, toiletries, linen, cleaning, washing materials, supply & hiring of Local equipment, transport including heavy vehicles, supplied of skilled & unskilled manpower, fitter, welder, engineers & other local personnel, local banking & legal support etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cost Effective
  • Professional & Reliable
  • Available 24 Hrs.
  • One Point Contact.


Beside these Seagull represents various companies from China, Dubai, Greece, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Cameroon, Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam.

Main Activities.

  • Service & overhauling of Main Engine, Generator Engines and Pump
  • Automation, Electrical Work & Motor rewinding
  • Steel Works/piping works (By Class certified welders)
  • All kind of machining works
  • Service and repair of all types of Air Conditioning and refrigeration system
  • Service and repair of all types of Cranes and winches
  • Riding Squad voyage repair
  • All kind of Hydraulic repair jobs